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Is this you...? KNOW you’ve come to this planet for a reason and you're meant for something more...'ve been (secretly) craving a life that feels awake, aligned, LIT up and authentically YOU...

...and something inside you has been calling for a change, to drop the masks, follow your path, listen to your Soul...


...but you feel stuck...

...stuck in a life that doesn't feel aligned to who you are...

...your job, relationship or friendships aren't lighting up your Soul, leaving you exhausted or burnt out...

...the things that used to give you meaning just don't seem to make sense anymore...

...and though you feel so ready to move forward, you feel confused about where to begin breaking the patterns and stepping into your power & purpose...


You haven’t exactly been taught in school how to tap into your spirituality and use it to make your life more meaningful, impactful and rich - have you ;) ?

As a result, once you've dared to ask yourself those hard questions like:
Who am i? What’s my purpose? How do I live my potential?
you're likely to find yourself in on of two places: 

  1. Hiding in the spiritual closet 
    Repressing your Soul; leading to exhaustion, burnout, depression, anxiety and worse.

  2. Lost in the upper chakra’s
    Getting addicted to healing work, having (intense) spiritual experiences, but failing to ground them and implement change into your actual, earthly life.

Babe, you've come to this planet for a reason.

And it’s NOT to feel alone, confused &misunderstood. 

What would happen if you’d have a SAFE community of spiritual sisters, a clear roadmap of your awakening, access to deep healing as well as practical tools to implement into your daily life?  

Imagine you would: 

❤️ Get crystal clear about your purpose & desires 

❤️ Release your mindset & energy blocks 

❤️ Learn the art of aligned manifestation  –  creating the life you desire from the inside out(a.ka. from your SOUL, not ego!)?

A 12 week journey to transform from confused spiritual seeker,
to Embodied Awakened Woman. 


A clear roadmap of your awakening journey and step by step guidance

Deep Healing 

Deep healing journeys & tools to align you to your purpose (access for a lifetime!) 

Grounded tools

Practical tools to implement your learnings and shifts into your daily life


A safe, judgment free community of women on the same path as you


"Our journey with Marijke brought me SO much."
It felt like secret gatherings in a sisterhood where we were taught to be free." 

What you need to know about  TAWA 

TAWA is 12-week intimate group journey in sisterhood, for those who wish to transform from confused spiritual seeker, to Embodied Awakened Woman.

A perfect mix between prerecorded teaching, live ceremonies, group coaching and individual support will guide YOU to step into your inner Awakened Woman.   
  • Opening Ceremony
    An intimate live session to open the energy and ground in powerful intentions 
  • 6 powerful online video modules 
    Clear, deep and bite-sized lessons released weekly to take you through your journey step by step 
  • Bi-weekly Coaching Circles by Marijke 
    Live coaching support by Marijke to answer your questions and guide you through challenges
  • Awakened Woman Tools 
    Lifetime access to the transformative healing journeys, worksheets, and meditations
  • Weekly community support 
    A private Facebook community to answer your questions and support your process 
  • Closing ceremony
    An intimate closing circle to wire in the transformations and close our time together 
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Six powerful modules will be delivered over 12 weeks.
The first week of each module we will dive deep and heal, the second week of each module we will implement the teachings into your daily life and have our coaching session to asnwer all of your questions. 



Get a strong foundation for the spiritual journey of your lifetime

We begin with making sure you have the essentials: key codes for awakened living, a roadmap of the journey, a  spiritual practice tailored to YOU specifically & tapping into your inner Awakened Woman (she’s already waiting…)
Begin to set course on your unique personal path & shed your old stories

We deepen your journey, learn to operate from 4 different levels of consciousness and begin shedding the stories that have kept you small – shifting from victim to heroine.

Get clear on Who you really are and step into the world from that place

We connect with your Essence; your desires, your purpose, and who it is that you truly are. Only from that place, everything in your life can begin clicking into alignment.


Take charge of your limiting thoughts - so you can become who you are meant to be

It’s inevitable that your inner demons come out to play along the journey. Learn the art of taming them by releasing limiting thoughts & beliefs from your mind & system.
Take charge of your own energy & radiance as you expand

We learn the basics of your energy system, it’s blockages, healthy boundaries and how to protect and honor your energy as you are growing in awareness and stepping into your journey.
Learn the process of creating your Soulful life, with flow – not force.

We dive into magnetic creation; learning how to manifest from a place of alignment & inspired action, rather than forcing to make things happen that aren’t meant to be.



"Marijke is a next-level coach and WonderWoman"

With her strong and soft energy at the same time, she can make you move next level in a heartbeat

I am so grateful for my journey. It changed my life. Because of her teachings, I am now confident and following my soul purpose to be a holistic interior stylist and live my dream life.

Your questions, answered. 


 I felt SO lost and alone before this journey.

I can honestly say I have found myself. Not by more (spiritual) seeking, but by working through my inner wounds,  actually implementing  changes in my life (step by step), and finding connection.

I'm grateful for meeting Marijke, she's such an amazing leader & coach and she continues to inspire me."

The Embodied Awakened Woman inside you is calling....

I can't wait to guide you to her!

I'm ready to apply