How the bleep to navigate my spiritual awakening?!

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Here's what you'll learn 

Day 1

What the bleep is an awakening?

You'll learn: 

🧡  What an awakening actually is & why it's so challenging

🧡  3 key things you need to know to navigate those challenges

🧡  One practical tool to use daily, that will create more peace during your awakening

Day 2

Who the bleep am I?

You'll learn:

🧡  How to recognize if you're living in alignment with Who You Really Are

🧡  4 easy steps to help you navigate this Big Question

🧡  One tool to help you powerfully explore without losing your mind

Day 3

How the bleep do I navigate the journey? 

You'll learn:

🧡 The 2 worst mistakes people make on their spiritual journey that you want to avoid

🧡  The 3 crucial things that will help you most on your journey that most people miss